Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forever Changed

Feel yourself Forever Changed

Hypnosis phone sex. Feel US taking you deeper and deeper, further and further into a deep hypnotic trance. Relax, breath in slowly, and feel our power. Hypnosis Phone Sex the way it should be. Hypnotic and erotic, complete mind control.

Succumb to the incredible powers of erotic mind controlling HypnoGoddesses. Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex like you have only ever imagined possible. Are you scared of being possessed, controlled, used and fucked over? That is okay, hypnotic mind control opens up all of those possibilities.

Is it Magik, Voodoo, Mind Control, or Hypnosis? You have been searching for this your entire life, and now, it is too late to turn back. You will be captivated, charmed, enraptured and subjugated. You will be intoxicated by our Power, addicted by our Beauty and enslaved by our Minds.

You will never again be free.

The Goddesses, Mistresses, and Enchantresses within these chambers specialize in many different methods of control phone sex sessions. Some will beguile and charm you, their entoxicating femininity spellbinding, while others will ensnare you, their hold upon your soul powerful and frightening Call it what you will, sorcery, black magic, erotic hypnosis, Hypnosis phone sex, seduction or the incredible power of suggestion. Too late you will soon realize you are powerless here. Too late you will know the true meaning of submission. BEWARE, and enter at your own risk.

There is no escape.

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