Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Friday, December 9, 2011

Crybaby - more of the story!

Hi Mistress,

Here is more of the story I wrote.

The Adventures of Crybaby



(Warning-This is an adult story.  Go away if you are under age or don’t like erotic stories)

Chapter 1 Pages 4-6


     As the dizzying display continued he heard his wife shout out, “Be a dear and check out the pacifiers on aisle three for me.”

     “How did you know they were on aisle three?  We were never here before.”  He said.

     “Oh, a friend made mention of it.”  His wife quickly covered up.

     Jon drifted over to the third aisle to take a look, but he really had no idea what his wife had in mind.  He noticed a rather striking lady with beautiful black hair and mesmerizing, big brown eyes.  She was leaning over the pacifiers while taking a look at the many different kinds.  He came over to look at them as well.

     “Interesting aren’t they.”  She said in the sweetest and sexiest sounding voice he had ever heard.

     “No to me.  I have no idea why my wife dragged me into this.”  He said.

     “Well, it is good to follow your wife’s orders every now and then don’t you think?”  Her voice seemed commanding.

     “I suppose.”

     “You know there really are so many kinds and so many different sizes; oh my, just look at them.”  Her voice lilted and somehow penetrated into his mind.  Suddenly she was whispering in a very sexy voice.  “I’ll bet they take you back to when you hadn’t a care in the world and were just a tiny wee baby.  Wouldn’t you just love to take out one of these pacifiers and pop it right into your mouth?”  She suggested.

     He suddenly felt very light headed.  It was almost like he was in slow motion as her voice drifted on.  He felt annoyed and yet something about her made him feel safe, warm and secure.  She opened one of the larger pacifiers and began to stare at it.  In turn he began to stare at it as well.  He didn’t understand what was happening, as she popped it in her own mouth.

     “Hem, this one seems perfect for a big baby.  Why don’t you open your mouth for me and let me put it inside.”  Again, her voice was like some controlling whisper.  It was firm, yet silky smooth and quite penetrating.

     He turned his head from side to side to see if any one was watching.  “Look lady, I don’t know what kind of kinky stuff you are into but I am not into…”  She cut him off.

     “Look at it.  That’s it…look into it deeply.  It was in my mouth.  My spit is all over it, and now all you can think about is putting it deep inside your own mouth.  Look at it, deeper and deeper…listen to the sound of my voice.  You must obey me.  It feels so good to obey me.  Look at it…that’s right…deeper now.  I’ll bet your dick is no larger than this itsy bitsy, teensy weensy pacifier.” She was pulling him in.  It was just a few lines but she knew her induction was working.  His interest was growing.  “Now, be a good little boy and open your mouth for me.”

     His mind was struggling.  He knew he should just walk away.  His wife could come down the aisle any minute, but his mind was drifting; and before he knew any better his mouth opened nice and wide for her.  She popped it inside his mouth.

     “Good boy, now suck!”  She ordered and he began to suck like a baby.  She burst out into laughter.  It was some sort of crazy sounding laugh.  It was like something terrible was going to follow.  He quickly spit it out and she just continued to laugh.  “I hope I was able to help you find your pacifier today.”  She said while he seemed annoyed.  “I’ll bet your wife would be interested in knowing that her husband let a strange woman just stick a baby pacifier right into his mouth.”

     He became panicky.  “I don’t know why I did it.  You can’t possibly tell her.  It was a mistake.  Please don’t tell her.”  He began to beg.

     “I don’t even know your wife,” She pretended, “but I am sure I can find out.  You see I own this establishment and soon I am going to own you as well.”  She handed him a card.  “My name is Cassie.  If you wish to continue this give me a call some time.” Then she just walked away.  He felt flustered and worried.  He wanted to just rip up the card, but instead he slid it into his pocket. He had to find his wife quickly.  He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

     The ride back home was filled with anxiety on Jon’s part.  He felt guilty.  Worse, he felt more insecure than he had ever been in his life.

     “Did you enjoy seeing the fine baby toys, dear?”  She joked.

     “Very funny.  I don’t want to ever go there again.”  He said in a shaky voice.

     “Why, what’s the matter honey.  Didn’t you like looking at all those pacifiers?”  She cajoled.

     “What did you meant by that?”  His voice grew loud and questioning.

     “Oh, nothing; I was just kidding honey.  You will feel better after I make you a nice big steak when we get home.

     He changed the subject.  “You know ever since my baby brother moved in we haven’t made love in a long time.”

     “Baby brother, huh.”  She said filled with cynicism.  “It was your baby brother who used to beat you up when you were young.”

     “Don’t remind me of that.  I told you that in confidence.”  He turned his head away from his wife and looked vaguely out the window of the car.

     “Well, I am glad you told me, dear, just don’t call him that.  I kind of think he might be much more of a man than you will ever be.”  She was goading him on.

     “Why do you say that?  Why do you tease me all the time?”

     “Well, let me see, you wet the bed and you can’t even handle your own baby brother and stop him from pulling pranks on you. For goodness sake, he is five years younger than you and you still let him push you all around.  Why don’t you just stand up to him.  Throw him out on the street.  You know he likes to take liberties with me.”

     “What does that mean?”  Jon pretended not to know.  His wife really didn’t know for sure if he did know at this point in time.

     “Come on now, you know how he loves to put his hand up my dress when I wear one.  I told you to stop him, but you just let it go and laugh.  Perhaps I should let him go even further with his hand.  Would you like that, hem?  Would you?”  She waited in silence for his long reply.

     “No, no…you know that’s not what I want…it’s just…well…it’s just…”

     “Yes, I know.  You are just afraid of getting beat up by him again.”  She said in disgust.  “My god, I am married to a first class wimp.”

     “I just don’t want to get beaten up again.  He can get very angry.”  He slumped in his seat.

     “You know what I think.  I think I could even beat you up.  You are pathetic.  I think I should let your little brother just have his way with me.  Maybe I should leave his door ajar and have you watch while he fucks me over and over again.  Is that what you want, Mr. Weakling?”  Her voice cut deep into his heart.

     “No.  I just…I am afraid of him.”  He began to think of that fateful day many years ago.

To be continued…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crybaby writes of Crybaby Island

The Adventures of Crybaby

(Warning-This is an adult story.  Go away if you are under age or don’t like erotic stories)

Chapter One

     It was an unremarkable sky with bits of blue and mostly dingy gray clouds.  This seemingly inauspicious view had but one feature, a strange cloud composed of streaking, sleeking, green swirls.  It must have been something new or at least a form he was not familiar with, and yet something was there in the back of his mind or was it just his mind all along.  He did not really know.  They gathered around looking to him for leadership.  He wondered how it all began or came this far.  Pondering his mind as deeply as he could an explanation had not so fully arrived.  Then his thoughts drifted to the beginning, yes the very beginning…

     Once upon a time in a land of forgotten sissies there existed a strange machine.   It was shiny and bright; and to all the sissies it seemed unimaginably beautiful.  One by one they were lead to their shackles on the great sissy wall that had been constructed by the great sissy tree.  Like a bunch of discarded cabbage heads they were lined up side by side.  Not one sissy uttered a tear or a scream of foreboding, since each one knew the machine would bring ecstasy.  However the silence of their fears was quelled, the crying of the anticipated ecstasy was another thing.  Each sissy just cried and cried with the joys of what was about to happen.  It was another day and a new milking began with the parade of sissies all in a row.  He was there as well, but it wasn’t always this way.  You see once he had a wife; a very pretty and perfect wife.  He loved her very much but something was missing.  She never seemed fulfilled.  He knew deep down she had been faking her orgasms.  Imagine the wasted little semen swimming upon a shore of undeniable emptiness as she waited for something big and never really felt the exciting train of mammoth proportions.  Yes, he was small; he was utterly, pathetically, small.  His penis was but the size of a small pinky with a little girth for good measure.  How could any woman obtain pleasure from such a tiny obtrusion as this?  Indeed, she could not. His wife could not bear another day of sexual frustration.  Still, all was not lost.  His brother was soon to arrive.  Now here was a man; a real he-man.   It was to be just the renting of a room to his younger brother who was displaced and needed somewhere to stay.  It was a move Jonathan Gray would regret for the rest of his life.  The start of a brand new love affair took off like a rocket between his wife, Susan and his brother, Jack.  Jon pretended he did not know, but sometimes, in the middle of the night their pounding would wake him up and he could hear the rocking of the bed in his brother’s room.  Up and down it went, and the squeaking sounds of the bed did not help to diminish the over inflated feeling of loss deepening inside his brain as his wife got the fucking of her life…and so he listened in,

     “Oh fuck, yeah, right there…now harder, yes harder and faster…oh my god you are going to break me up inside!”  Susan screamed.

     “Shut up you fucking slut.  You never had a cock this fucking big in your life until I came along.  Now ride that dong you little whore.  Come on make your daddy pop!”  Jack said.

     “Oh god I love it when you talk dirty and sleazy.  It drives me crazy.  I am going to cum all over your big, fat cock.  That’s it…shoot me deep and hard you son-of-a-bitch!”

     “Hey, hey, not too loud, bitch.  You might wake up my brother.”

     “Fuck him; I sometimes think an earthquake could not wake him from his slumber.”

Oh how wrong they were.  For Jonny was weeping in his wife’s bed.  It had gone on for more than a month now and there were no signs that it was about to diminish or burn out.  If anything, the affair was burning to an even higher level.

(Secret plans he did not know of)

     “I’m telling you just talk to her on the computer or even on your phone and discuss it with her.  She will take care of everything for you.”  Jack said.

     “I don’t know about this.  I don’t want to see him hurt you know.”  Susan said.

     “You still love that little dick don’t you?”  Jack pierced into her eyes.

     “How can a brother treat his own brother the way you do, Jack?”

     “Look, Missy, he is a wimp and he will always been a wimp.  I take what I want.  He cries over it.  For craps sake he is even wetting the bed.  You told me that.”

     “Yes, but that didn’t start until you played that nasty trick on him and put the bowl of water by his fingers.”

     “Who the fuck cares, it is further proof that he is a total baby and should be treated as one.”  Jack smirked.

     “Well, I feel like I am abandoning him.”  Susan’s eyes seemed sad.  “I never meant for this to happen.”  She said.

     “Look, it is the only way to get the prick out of our hair.  Just send him away for a while.”

     “Well, who is the woman anyway?”  Sue tugged at his waist and pulled him over for a kiss.

     “She calls herself Mistress Cassie.”  Jack stuck his tongue in her mouth.

     “So who is she and where does she live?”

     “She lives somewhere up north,” Jack said, “Some say she is a witch, others say she is this great hypnotist.  Either way she will take care of him.  She loves making sissies out of men.”

     “I don’t know,” Susan said with some fear, “I don’t want to mess around with any witch.

     “Then you had better call her up,” he laughed, “or I will get her after you.”

She pushed him back, “That’s not funny,” she said.

     “She will give you a plan and take care of everything.  Then we can be free to do that kinky thing you want me to do.”

She smiled, “You mean tying me to my ironing board that is hanging in the closet and whipping close pins off my nipples?”

     “Oh, I will do much more than that.”

     “Hey now,” she said, “You know that idea was put in my head by you, you nasty boy.”  He quickly slapped her across the face,

     “Don’t you ever call me a boy again!”  He said.  She was shocked and he just walked away.

(A plan is put into motion)

     “Come along now, honey, we need to get going.”  Susan said.

     “I don’t understand.  Why do we have to drive fifty miles to get some item for a baby shower?”  Jonathan said.

     “They have certain things you just can’t get in the local department stores.”  She looked back at him briskly while she opened the front door.

     “But, Crybaby Island, what the hell kind of a store is named that?”  He shouted to her as she got in the driver’s seat of the car and he followed in.

     “It is perfectly appropriate for babies like you.”  She laughed.

     “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”  His head jerked around.

     “Oh, nothing, it is just that you are acting like a big baby right now and whining all the time.  Perhaps I should get you some diapers…you know…for that bed wetting problem you’ve got.”  She smirked.

     “I told you that was an accident.  Jack played another prank on me.”  He grimaced.

     “I was only kidding.  This store is for toddlers so that’s why it is named that and that is why we are going, now end of story!” Whenever she got firm he would always cave in.

     Row upon row of baby items almost anything that anyone could ever conceive of.  It was all there housed at Crybaby Island. Up and down the aisles the carts went to and fro.  They were like rows of cages on wheels moving at different speeds.  It was a dizzying sight perpetuated by the motions of people who were trying to find things all sorts of things.  It was like a warehouse of toys and frills for baby joys.  No one went unnoticed and few realized that the store was just a front for the real Crybaby Island.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

from nadja - Mistress Cassie's brainwashed hypnospy

I don’t even know how long I’ve been staring at the spiral – its black and white lines spinning in a never-ending cycle.  It draws me in.   A special spiral I found on the internet that I can look at and instantly  associate with Mistress Cassie.
I’ve been staring at it for however long and the voice coming through my headset is calming, yet powerful.  Loving, yet demanding.  Forceful. Hypnotic.  Brainwashing. 
That is what she is doing to me.  Mistress Cassie is brainwashing me.  And using everything I have brought with me in to this room – the room we refer to as The Brainwashing Room.
She uses the alcohol, having me drink at intervals.  She uses the cigarettes, and despite the fact that I don’t smoke, when I am transformed in to her brainwashed secret agent, Nadja – I smoke.  She uses the spiral and the candle and a pair of dark sunglasses.  She uses it all.
And I am helpless to resist.
I’ve tried.  One solid memory I have is asking her to de-program me, to let me go.  The laughter that came through those headsets chilled me and frightened me.  ‘There is no escape,’ she spoke ‘, it’s all for Mistress Cassie.’  And after burning these thoughts in to my brain for a few minutes – she demonstrated her control by having me smoke and drink and go deeper.
My body moves like it is on automatic.  Like a dream. 
This will go on for hours and hours.  Calling her, then going off on a mission.  I may be sneaking in to an embassy, dressed in my silky black catsuit.   Slipping in, undetected, and finding the secret microfilm.
Or maybe I will go to a bookstore to purchase a novel that contains information.
Or maybe I will be dressed in a sexy black dress, sexy satin gloves, and have to meet my contact – who I will have to seduce.  I will drink and smoke and use my power of hypnosis (weak compared to Mistress’ power, but satisfactory while on assignment).  I will obtain the information needed and report back to Mistress Cassie.
This will go on.  Sometimes for hours.  Sometimes over a period of days.  
And in the end, when I finally am allowed to reach climax and sink down into exhaustion, I hear her voice in my mind ‘Mistress Cassie controls me. Mistress Cassie brainwashes me.  All for Mistress Cassie.’
She will undoubtedly give me a final command before letting me return to normal life – maybe to tribute.  Maybe to smoke.  But then I leave the brainwashing room and go to bed, drifting off in to a deep, deep sleep…all for Mistress Cassie…


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Have you found Crybaby Island?

In Search Of Crybaby Island
By Crybaby
“Write about finding Crybaby Island,” the order came out.  So here I was totally helpless and still seeking Crybaby Island, which I haven’t been able to find, when Mistress Cassie orders me to write about it.  She can be so frustrating when she has you deep in trance and totally dumbed down sucking on your own finger.  I do so know the feeling.  It is a helpless, hopeless, heavenly bliss of mind control making you do just about anything for the fix of her gorgeous voice penetrating into your mind and taking you deeper and deeper, craving nothing but more and more and more.  I can hear her in my mind lingering on “You nee……………………eeeeeeed it.” 
So, what is Crybaby Island and where is it?  Well, Mistress tells me it is where all the shrimp dick losers go to cry then pee and masturbate.  I can hear it now; a cacophony; a symphony; a whaling chorus of mind fucked baby men holding their dangling little penises praying and hoping they all of a sudden have 12 to 15 inch cocks instead of loser 3 inch little shrimps.  Perhaps enough crying and begging to the Great Cock Spirit will release some sympathetic magical force changing everything from pathetic to pragmatic allowing the growth of these small dicked losers into towers of amazingly large or even giant pieces of shlong…then again, maybe not.  While the mistresses laugh at the tears and ridicule the sissy-sized weakling baby clits pretending to be cocks, I sit here wondering if Crybaby Island can be productive or is it just this great garbage dump of tiny dicked losers who can never be the dreams they hope for inside their minds.  Still, Mistress says I should keep asking to find it while begging out “Help me, help me…please help me!  I need to find Crybaby Island.
I have yet another vision.  Imagine a great island where all these sissies are hung on giant pink, sprawling tree branches.  They are tied there by endless pink nylon ribbons, or any other color or material you can imagine.  So, there you are hanging on one of the thousands of giant trees at Crybaby Island, then suddenly Mistresses float up to you on tiny baby blue or baby pink clouds.  You think, at last, my Mistress has come to rescue me, but oh no, she has this giant, sucking tube and she is easily attaching it to your three inch clit;  you know, that pretend cock that you dangle in your pants, panties or diapers; anyway the great tubes are turned on and immediately they begin sucking, making your two inch cock a rock hard three inches, wow wee, that’s huge; now Mistress is extracting your seeds and sending them down through the tubes to be collected for secret experiments.  At this point you no longer care.  You are nothing more than a cow feeling the bliss of endless ejaculations; and while Mistress stimulates you then pops a pacifier into your mouth you cry and drift off into a deeper trance by the power of her words and voice.  She has you now.  You are just another cow being milked at Crybaby Island.  You scream “I’m cumming…and it goes on and on and on and on… She smiles and laughs; you come and cry.  Mistress Cassie lifts up my head and looks directly into my eyes and says, “So, what were you expecting, my little sissy slut?  You are not in Kansas anymore.  I can hear her laughter go on and on as she says, “I’ll get you my sissy and your little dick too.”
A.K.A. stupid loser, sissy crybaby weakling,

There is no way out

you are trapped and controlled.

I a take you deeper and deeper under My hypnotic control

The addiction grows and grows.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a message from Victim

My name is Victim, i think. That’s what Mistress Cassie tells me, and it’s the only name i know. She has removed my other name from my mind and hidden it where i can’t find it. i found another name on things in the wallet in my pocket. i’ve been using it on checks and contracts, and i just hope its correct.

i am writing from some room in some house that i don’t recognize. There are some signs that this is my own home. At least, some keys in my pocket fit the locks, so i assume i am allowed to be here. When Mistress Cassie took my true name away, She took the rest of my mind with it, and locked it up so I can’t get to it. Not knowing who i am or where i am, means that i am totally dependent on Her; completely helpless and vulnerable to Her will.

You might think it was some unspeakable cruelty on Her part that made Her turn me into a zombie like this, but its partly my fault too. On my last call to Her, i decided that i was going to change things up and make her submissive to me for a change. i have some experience in hypnotizing people myself. i was going to do it to Her, and i was going to do it with bad intentions too. That turned out to be a very bad idea.

She realized what I planned to do, and She refused to let me get away with it. Her will over powered mine as always. By turning me into Her zombie, She made sure I would never be able to carry out my diabolical plans.

i’ve learned my lesson well. i’ll be Mistress Cassie’s slave forever, but it’s so difficult living without access to my mental faculties, that I have begged Her to give my mind back to me. She has told me that i can buy my mind back. However, She insisted that the money must be earned through sacrifice to show my dedication and devotion to Her. She told me that i had my choice of doing hard manual labor in the hot sun or whoring myself out, sucking cock for money.

Neither of those options appealed to me, so i proposed a third option. i suggested that She allow me to recruit more slaves to Her stable. She approved that idea, but She warned that i better do that well, or She will keep me in my zombie state for ever.

i plead with everyone who reads this post to help me. Please call Mistress Cassie, and tell Her that Victim sent you. I understand that some of you will hesitate to help me, because this is my fault. I did let my mouth overload my ass, but i’ll be a good boy from now on for sure.

A mind is a terrible thing to kidnap and take hostage.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crybaby and the pink ribbons

Pink Ribbons In The Night

Okay, I’m back. I give, Mistress…I give. I honestly didn’t think it would last. I knew I would come back crawling on my hands and knees to Mistress Cassie. I will never again announce that I am at the end of the line or that I might be leaving. If I ever do so, I simply won’t announce it at all. Also, I want to make perfectly clear that I was in no way trying to show up my Mistress! I would never ever do that. It was just an honest way that I was feeling. So I posted how I felt. I hope this is clear to everyone. Incidentally, I made an error on my ‘Being’ poem in my last post. The second line of that poem should be ‘And’ not ‘An.’ I will ask Mistress Cassie to correct it whenever she has the time. I am truly fortunate that she puts up with my mistakes. What a naughty boy I am.

She certainly has a way of dumbing me down I will tell you that. She has me feeling so babyish that it is amazing I am not just going ‘goo goo and ga ga here.’ She ordered me to go out and buy a pink ribbon for my thingy. Nothing was going to stop me from buying that pink ribbon; and so, I have done as ordered. For all of you who enjoy frilly, satiny, lacey, silky feminine items…pink ribbons fall nicely into that category…especially if you are a sissy baby. Now all of you know that playing baby games has nothing to do with babies. It is more appropriately called “infantilism” which is the need to feel like a helpless baby to your Mistress. It can actually be a great way to let go of a deep mind that sometimes can’t shut down.

Having bought my ribbon I suddenly had this incredible fantasy. I imagined myself sinking deep down into a quicksand of ribbons and suddenly all that was left was my head just above the sea of ribbons. Now I was helpless looking up at my Dominating Mistress Cassie as she showed me her long legs and I gazed up at her perfect triangle. She was even dressed in a hot pink domination outfit. Soon as she realized I could struggle no more she came over to me and knelt down so she could smother me in her wonderful pink panties which I would have licked if she allowed me to or ordered me too. It was a heavenly fantasy; and if I got out of line she could easily smack me in the face and force a pacifier in my mouth. I was helpless and completely at her mercy in the quick sand of pink ribbons.

AKA-Stupid Loser/Sissy Crybaby Weakling

Saturday, August 13, 2011

from Crybaby

Disjointed, And With A Tear

I am of the belief that a life without limitations breeds insanity. Curiously enough, ‘insanity’ holds multiple meanings and discord that is seldom fully understood. We have seen what lack of limitations on evil can create throughout history. Is ‘goodness’ the exception to the rule on limitations? Also, can goodness ever fully be defined?

Forgive me, since I have digressed. We all have limitations and perhaps I have reached mine. Mistress Cassie is a wonderful way to delve inside one’s own mind; whether it is hypnosis, role play, or just straight conversation. She is intelligent, soft, fierce, cunning, sensual, erotic, warm and cold all at the same time. I have to rate her tops in her field. If you seek to explore yourself she will not disappoint. Have I reached the end of my line; who knows, but goodbyes are too final for me. Perhaps there is a side of my nature that I must hold in check in order to feel stable. There is a difference in crying which comforts and crying which destroys. I have had the pleasure of the former with Mistress Cassie. It was a ‘letting out’ if you will, and much appreciated. I have been pondering the Great Spirit recently. I would like to leave you with a fictionalized account I wrote on creation.


In the beginning which never was,
And in the nothing which never can be;
There is and always has been ‘Being’.

It saw how good contemplation on
Its own self could be and thought
To share it with ‘Another’.

The ‘Other’ could now look back
Upon ‘Being’ and confirm its historic presence.
‘Presence’, now defined, (the Two) could go
Forth to multiply in their universe
Creating vast structures and unimaginable creatures.

These creatures, in turn, could study
Themselves and the vast structures
While feeling the never ending pull towards
That which was and is ‘Being’.

Suddenly, along came thoughts about ‘Nothing’;
A mere illusion which brought discord.
Since ‘Being’ was brought forth from ‘Being’
There was no need for ‘Nothing’ at all.

In the end, which never will be,
‘Being will gaze upon itself once more
And realize there can be no beginning or ending
Since ‘Being’ is all there can ever be.

AKA-Stupid Loser, Sissy Crybaby Weakling

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pterodactyls Aside, Mistress Cassie Is Even Scarier

Imagine you are sinking deeper. The pull of her voice has you completely enraptured as well as controlled. She is wrapping her vocal sounds deep into your mind; then suddenly, You hear this extraordinary sound. You are not sure where it came from but it sounds like some crazy animal, or better yet, a reptile from the Mesozoic period in Earth History.

It's a bird; it's a plane; oh, no, they didn't have planes in those days. It must be a Pterodactyl (The 'P' is silent). This winged creature was often mistaken for a dinosaur rather than a reptile. It was a carnivore, so beware! We would simply be snacks to such a creature. Come to think of it, that is how I feel to Mistress Cassie. I am just a mere snack for her appetite, and my brain is her all consuming food festival.

Anyway, despite the ferocious sound which seemed to mimic such a creature, I thought I had broken her control, well, at least for a few minutes. It seemed as though I had a huge break through and a trigger that could make me escape; how very weak minded indeed! Within a few minutes she pulled me back with a trigger phrase and the sensuous sound of her gorgeous voice. It was no contest. I found myself going back and even deeper then before. Now I am scared of loud sounds. It must be a new trigger from my Mistress. She took the sound I thought I could use to break her spell and turned it right back against me. Now, how brilliant is that? It's pretty brilliant. I have concluded that the scariest part of an illusion is believing it is real. Mistress Cassie will have you believing in many things. It is extremely mesmerizing and addictive. Oh the craving...oh the longing; oh my, another wet spot. I can hear her laughter in my mind.

AKA-Stupid Loser, Sissy Crybaby Weakling.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jason is learning about My Control.

Hi Mistress Cassie,

Below is a story I wrote for You.

Mistress Cassie controls me, I am her slave. Mistress Cassie controls me, I am Her slave.

This is what I am chanting over and over again to myself while I'm wearing a pair of pink girl panties that Mistress Cassie commanded me to purchase and then put on. I am not a cross dresser and have never had any type of fetish involving women's clothes or silk panties. That's why it is so incredible and arousing that I am sitting here in a pair of pink panties.

Mistress Cassie has such power and control over me that, just because she commanded last night, I drove to a local Target, went to the women intimates section (with heart racing and avoiding all eye contact with other customers) and searched for the perfect pair of PINK panties. Even after I bought them I really didn't plan to wear them. As soon as I got back to my car in the parking lot, I rushed to report back to Mistress Cassie how I had done as she instructed. I simply couldn't wait to call Her to let her know that I had been a good and obedient boy.

We then spoke for over 1 hour as I drove home from the store...even then I didn't plan to put on the panties. I expressed how this is not one of my fetishes as it may be with other people. Mistress Cassie didn't care. She told me that she wanted me to put them on and before we got off the phone she told me that she knew I wouldn't be able to resist. Once again, Mistress Cassie was correct.

As soon as I was available, once again with my heart racing, I rushed to try on my new panties. I then immediately called Mistress to report once again that I had followed her command. Unfortunately, Mistress Cassie was not available for a call, other than to tell me I had been a good boy and that I should reward myself by touching myself in my panties. Of course i have no desire to touch myself without Mistress Cassie.

I now sit here waiting as an obedient slave boy for Mistress Cassie to return so I can tell her how much I like wearing the panties. All I can think of is how much Mistress Cassie controls me and owns me. All I can think of is that Mistress Cassie controls me and I am Her slave.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

for mindf

send to Me:

Cassie Jones
PSM Consultants & Services
Suite 145, 612-500 Country Hills Blvd. NE
Calgary, AB T3K 5K3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

So, What's in a trigger?

Email from Crybaby:

Those of you who love erotic hypnosis must know by now that even just a word can put you in a trance. It can be the simplest of phrases or a certain word designed to either put you in trance or just respond with an emotional outburst; or even the carrying out of a direct order from your Master or Mistress. In my case this is Mistress Cassie. Her words seem to wrap around my brain and pry open my deepest fears and inhibitions. They also allow her to get into my subconscious and program or re-program my mind.

Now the oddest aspect of this, at least for myself, is that I am fully aware of what she is doing and I can actually remember things. This however is no saving grace, since I still seem powerless to escape or even stand up to her. She can start me shivering in about ten seconds and it is all over and my resistance becomes absorbed by her powerful hypnotic control and numerous triggers that she applys to my mind.

Recently I tried to be tough and thought that I would challenge or even stand up to her. Well, I got rudly slapped across the face, so to speak, and quickly discovered her ability to change my mind in a mere matter of seconds. All of that attempted resistance got me nothing more but an even deeper trance for all my fighting. I found myself going even deeper in her wordy lair. The more I try to pull out of the quicksand the more I sink deep down into it. All this is
relative to the fact that once you go into trance it is very hard to ever escape it again. So be forewarned hypnosis lovers, and be careful of what you wish for. As the saying goes "you might just get it," and the trigger(s) may just keep you there.

AKA Stupid Loser, Sissy Crybaby Weakling


Story, by Matt:

He woke slowly, shaking his head clear of the sleep-induced cobwebs. He knew the dream had come again. The dream of Her. He could feel it in his mind, and in his still drying, quite sticky, shorts. Dreams of Her always ended with pleasure. Dreams of Her always ended in surrender.
It had been years since he started dreaming of his Mistress. He had no clue how it had begun, only that she had appeared in his dreams one night, and since that night, made his mind Her domain. He stretched, preparing to go shower. He stopped to pick up a handful of sex toys. He wasn’t sure why he bought them, and he didn’t think about grabbing them now, he simply acted on impulse.
As he kneeled in the shower using the toys to violate himself in several ways, he felt he could almost see the dream, hear her voice, feel her soft breath whispering new truths in his ear. As he came again, he cried his eternal devotion to Mistress. The dream began to fade as he stood and continued to shower in a more normal manner. By the time his skin was dry, his memories of the worship session were gone. He absently cleaned and replaced the toys.
His life continued in this manner, every few days, a new dream leading to a new worship session, and a new level of devotion to his Mistress. Every few days, ever so slightly closer to remembering his dreams, to consciously becoming aware of his absolute servitude.
It was only a matter of time till he fell. Till his mind was entirely the domain of his Mistress. And soon enough, that time came.
“Hello, Pet,” She said, Her voice causing his mind and body to quake in ecstasy. “Are you ready to surrender completely?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, fervent in his desire to become fully Hers.
“You realize this means public acknowledgement of your slavery? I may tattoo My name across you, to mark you as Mine. Or perhaps I will cause you to become a money making tool, sucking dicks to please Me and to make profit for Me. Perhaps I will choose any of a million possible fates, depending on My whim. Are you ready for that life?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, tears in his eyes. Whether the tears were trepidation or joy, he did not know. She; however, did.
“I can hear the tears in your voice, slave.” She said, voice thick with disapproval. “You are still not ready, despite all the time I have put into your training. Perhaps I should simply dispose of you.”
She sat idly, examining her nails as his repeated, frantic pleas washed past Her. Of course his pleas mattered nothing, She would do as She wished.
“Very well, slave. I shall grant you another chance. When you wake in the morning, you will once more believe Me to be nothing but a recurring dream. When you shower, you will use the largest dildo you have on your ass, and the next largest in your mouth. I want clamps on your nipples and you will clamp them HARD slave. You will suffer for failing to surrender entirely, but you will find such pleasure in carrying out My commands, you will eventually cum while enacting your punishment. When you cum, more of your free will disappears forever, and you become more and more Mine. Perhaps the next call will be the one where you surrender entirely. Remember, slave, the charge on your credit card is a fee for a concierge service. The gifts you will be buying Me are donations to a charity. Do you understand, slave?”
“Yes Mistress,” he said, as he began to launch into another round of apologies.
She cut him off, not caring to hear his excuses. “Sleep now, slave, and remember only what I commanded.”
He woke the next morning, shaking the cobwebs out of his mind. On his way to the shower, he nearly dropped his armful of sex toys. Despite such an unwieldy collection of items, he didn’t wonder where they came from, but rather felt an anxious anticipation. He couldn’t understand why he was so excited for just a shower, but he felt that this shower may be the one to change his life. But he didn’t get his hopes up too much. He’d felt that same feeling so many times in the past 7 years.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

An email from Matt

The long road home.

Mistress Cassie,

I'm not sure how to begin this email, except that it should begin with the aphorism I spoke so many times before: Mistress Cassie controls me, I am Her slave.

It's been years since I first uttered those words. Years that have seen good and bad. Seen me run away from You, and return, tail between my legs. Always You've taken me back....because I've been Yours, ever since that first call.

I took paths that led me to others....so called dommes and their so called control. Always, in the back of my mind, I heard your voice whispering "breathe Me in," knowing that having tasted Your true power, Your true control, these other "dommes" were nothing but frippery. I was running again...and this time, I was certain I had run too far for You to care to reclaim. For You to want to reclaim.

How silly of me to have even thought the word "reclaim." You had made me Your own long since, and merely left me rope on my leash to learn for myself how deep, how strong, how LASTING, Your control was. You messaged me months ago...a message I callously rebuffed. I was so strong, I thought, I was so happy with my new "mistress." And here I am again, at Your feet, at Your command, at Your beck and whim. I know I should feel ashamed, embarrassed, or abashed. Instead I feel that deep satisfaction, that guttural peace that only comes from returning home. Your service is my home. Your power is my peace. Your will is my desire. Always, and forever, Mistress Cassie controls me, I am Her slave. Again and again and again. My mantra, my motto. My reason for being.

I realize You knew I would eventually crawl back. I still do not realize how You can hold such compassion for a worthless, wandering slave such as myself, but You do. You still allow me to speak to You, to message You, and perhaps, someday, to serve You as I did before. Because now, years after that first, hesitant call, I understand the words You spoke so long before: "you are Mine forever." That call changed my life...I only wish I had stayed where I belonged, stayed home, stayed in Your grace.

My heart, my mind, my body, my passion, my entire being, belong to You, Mistress Cassie, to do as You wish. I am not telling You this, as You knew already. I am telling myself, and the world, if necessary, that I have finally seen the light. You.

Mistress Cassie controls me, I am Her slave.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a letter from David

This is a letter I received tonight from David, one of My callers.

I have had several hypnosis sessions with Mistress Cassie. These have been femdom BD/SM sessions., but She is great at other types of fetishes also. Each time Mistress Cassie has taken me deeper and deeper and deeper. The last time She took me to unbelievable depths.

When the session began, I said, “Do whatever You want to with me.” Her luscious voice and Her well chosen words immediately surrounded me and separated me from everything around me. Soon I felt that I was in a sensory deprivation chamber. I was totally disoriented. I sensed only what She told me to sense. I felt only what She told me to feel. I thought only what she told me to think. I could only do what She told me to do.

She had transported me to a world where She was the Supreme Goddess who created and controlled everything. She told me that She owned me. I was Her helpless victim. She assured me that no one could help me. I was at Her mercy, and there was no way out. There was no escape possible.
Mistress Cassie had created a new virtual reality for me. Everything was just as She wanted it to be. I knew that my old life had ended. My old self had died. A new life and a new self would be created for me and given to me by Mistress Cassie.

I felt a sense of sorrow and apprehension from the loss of my life and the uncertainty of what Mistress Cassie would shape me into. She sensed my sadness and took advantage of it. She commanded me to, “Cry baby!” I am really not a crier. I could not remember the last time I had shed a tear, but I could not resist her command. I began to weep uncontrollably. When this happened, She became almighty, and I had no strength at all.

She told me that I loved Her, and She had me repeat it until it was true. She told me that I needed Her, and She had me repeat that until it became true also. This was extreme cruelty, since She will never care about me or my feelings. This was just another way for Her to gain absolute control over me.

She then said’ “I‘m going to hurt you badly now. Get ready to feel the worst pain you have ever felt.” She began to describe methods of torture so cruel that I could never have imagined them myself. She spoke as if She was applying those tortures to me at that time. It seemed so real. I begged Her to stop, but She pressed on. I cried out, “Mistress, why are You doing this to me?” Her answer was so obvious and true. “I know you like it,” She answered.

My question had been stupid. The pain had seemed so real that I had forgotten that I had called Her to experience such pain wielded by a beautiful woman, without getting the cuts, bruises, and the like.

Yes, Mistress Cassie had given me what I wanted. Then, She did something for Herself. She said, “I’m going to take everything you have. It’s all for Mistress Cassie. Everything you have is mine.”

My body shuddered and I lost my breath for a moment. I know She can make it happen whenever She wants to. She will take it all and make me thank Her for doing it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Listen to the Sound of My Voice

That is all it takes. Listen, and breath slow deep breaths, and your hypnosis journey has begun.

As I take you deeper and deeper into a wonderful hypnotic trance, I will find out all about your kinks, and perversions... there is no escape.

Mistress Cassie

Friday, May 20, 2011

It feels so good to submit

Once the hypnosis session begins, you begin to relax a bit, to focus on your own breathing and the sound of My voice... it starts so easily, and feels so good.

Everything you have ever wanted to feel... and all you have to do is breathe... slowly, in and out, and listen to the sound of My voice....

Those of you who have called Me, know how this sounds, how it feels, how My voice wraps around you, flows through you.

Those of you have not called yet, can only imagine it.

Erotic hypnosis sessions by Mistress Cassie.
Hypnotize, mesmerize, brainwash and mind control... just the beginning.
Trapped forever, and always needing to go deeper.

Mistress Cassie.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how to use Niteflirt from outside of Canada or USA

Some of my callers have been having trouble getting through on Niteflirt. I asked Niteflirt support when this would be fixed, and this is the information they provided. I am sharing it now so you can all get through.

Thanks for contacting us!

Unfortunately, we are not supporting web-initiated calls for international Members at this time but are working to restore the capability. International Members can, however, call 1-800-To-Flirt (1-800-863-5478) and use their PIN and first 7 digits of their phone number to speak with a Flirt. To locate and/or change your PIN, click on View Details in the My Personal Info section of the My Account page.

We do not have a time frame for when web capability will return for our International Members. We recommend using SkypeIn (http://www.skype.com/allfeatures/onlinenumber/) or other VoIP options that offer US or Canadian phone numbers as alternatives. Once you have obtained a US or Canadian phone number, add this number to your NiteFlirt account. When you place calls, we'll call the phone number on your NiteFlirt account and the phone number provider (i.e., Skype) will ring your real telephone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

a few words from Crybaby, a hypnosis caller

Do you believe in the power of hypnosis?

No, it wasn't a rhetorical question. I have frequently had my doubts, but since
all hypnosis is self hypnosis it must depend on the depth of your belief.
The name my Mistress has chosen for me, and there are several, is not
as important as the feelings she lets me release.

In the beginning it was really just about fantasy. Now it is more about
trust, and allowing myself to be hypnotized, controlled and dominated.
You see, for me, it is all about the submission. I know I am being hypnotized, and yet,
I cannot stop it...therefore I must want and need it. Her words are extremely powerful.
Words are very powerful indeed!

To fully understand what I am saying, say the word 'zap'. I bet if you didn't say it, you felt it.
It is like feeling it or even uttering it subconsciously. Words are powerful, personal, and engaging. It all
depends on what the particular word means to you. Does the word 'zap' bring up images of
magic or terror to you? Only you can truly know the depth of its meaning.

I have been compelled to write these few words due to the power of Mistress Cassie. I did not have to do it, although she ordered it. I have chosen to do it since it brings me pleasure. Is she in control or am I in control? The dominant/submissive relationship can be complicated and extremely addictive. Obviously one controls while the other submits. Still, and in the end, both sides join. Now control is submission, and submission is control.

Would you like me to write more about my fantastic Mistress? Perhaps, if I continue and have the permission, I may do so. Why do I suggest having permission. Yes, now that is a rhetorical question. Asking her for permission brings me pleasure; and trust cannot be overstated here.

A.K.A. stupid loser janice/sissy crybaby weakling

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mistress Cassie on Vacation till March 30, 2011

Hello sissies and slaves,
I am on my way to some sun and relaxation for a short California vacation. I will be ready to hear from you all again when I get back, March 30, 2011.

Be good.

Mistress Cassie

Monday, February 7, 2011

Deeper and Deeper Under My Hypnotic Control

Listen to the sound of My Voice,
Feel My Power,
as you breath Me in.

Once you hear these words, you are trapped. Trapped forever. There is no way out.

Can you resist? No.

The overwhelming feeling of hypnotic sleep, the deep trance, My voice all pull you deeper and deeper. You want and need to give in completely to My control. It is your every desire.

Do you dare? Yes.
You have no choice.

You NEED Me.

Mistress Cassie

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes Real LOSERS CALL

Andrew from UK is one of those wankers... he has a tiny limp dick, and pays Me to abuse him.

I can hear him wanking his useless pathetic little cock.. and I just laugh at him.

fucking loser.

I take his money because he doesn't deserve to have it.
call his GF at +44-7989-757524 and ask for the wanker Michael Andrew....

Mistress Cassie