Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a letter from David

This is a letter I received tonight from David, one of My callers.

I have had several hypnosis sessions with Mistress Cassie. These have been femdom BD/SM sessions., but She is great at other types of fetishes also. Each time Mistress Cassie has taken me deeper and deeper and deeper. The last time She took me to unbelievable depths.

When the session began, I said, “Do whatever You want to with me.” Her luscious voice and Her well chosen words immediately surrounded me and separated me from everything around me. Soon I felt that I was in a sensory deprivation chamber. I was totally disoriented. I sensed only what She told me to sense. I felt only what She told me to feel. I thought only what she told me to think. I could only do what She told me to do.

She had transported me to a world where She was the Supreme Goddess who created and controlled everything. She told me that She owned me. I was Her helpless victim. She assured me that no one could help me. I was at Her mercy, and there was no way out. There was no escape possible.
Mistress Cassie had created a new virtual reality for me. Everything was just as She wanted it to be. I knew that my old life had ended. My old self had died. A new life and a new self would be created for me and given to me by Mistress Cassie.

I felt a sense of sorrow and apprehension from the loss of my life and the uncertainty of what Mistress Cassie would shape me into. She sensed my sadness and took advantage of it. She commanded me to, “Cry baby!” I am really not a crier. I could not remember the last time I had shed a tear, but I could not resist her command. I began to weep uncontrollably. When this happened, She became almighty, and I had no strength at all.

She told me that I loved Her, and She had me repeat it until it was true. She told me that I needed Her, and She had me repeat that until it became true also. This was extreme cruelty, since She will never care about me or my feelings. This was just another way for Her to gain absolute control over me.

She then said’ “I‘m going to hurt you badly now. Get ready to feel the worst pain you have ever felt.” She began to describe methods of torture so cruel that I could never have imagined them myself. She spoke as if She was applying those tortures to me at that time. It seemed so real. I begged Her to stop, but She pressed on. I cried out, “Mistress, why are You doing this to me?” Her answer was so obvious and true. “I know you like it,” She answered.

My question had been stupid. The pain had seemed so real that I had forgotten that I had called Her to experience such pain wielded by a beautiful woman, without getting the cuts, bruises, and the like.

Yes, Mistress Cassie had given me what I wanted. Then, She did something for Herself. She said, “I’m going to take everything you have. It’s all for Mistress Cassie. Everything you have is mine.”

My body shuddered and I lost my breath for a moment. I know She can make it happen whenever She wants to. She will take it all and make me thank Her for doing it.

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