Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crybaby and the pink ribbons

Pink Ribbons In The Night

Okay, I’m back. I give, Mistress…I give. I honestly didn’t think it would last. I knew I would come back crawling on my hands and knees to Mistress Cassie. I will never again announce that I am at the end of the line or that I might be leaving. If I ever do so, I simply won’t announce it at all. Also, I want to make perfectly clear that I was in no way trying to show up my Mistress! I would never ever do that. It was just an honest way that I was feeling. So I posted how I felt. I hope this is clear to everyone. Incidentally, I made an error on my ‘Being’ poem in my last post. The second line of that poem should be ‘And’ not ‘An.’ I will ask Mistress Cassie to correct it whenever she has the time. I am truly fortunate that she puts up with my mistakes. What a naughty boy I am.

She certainly has a way of dumbing me down I will tell you that. She has me feeling so babyish that it is amazing I am not just going ‘goo goo and ga ga here.’ She ordered me to go out and buy a pink ribbon for my thingy. Nothing was going to stop me from buying that pink ribbon; and so, I have done as ordered. For all of you who enjoy frilly, satiny, lacey, silky feminine items…pink ribbons fall nicely into that category…especially if you are a sissy baby. Now all of you know that playing baby games has nothing to do with babies. It is more appropriately called “infantilism” which is the need to feel like a helpless baby to your Mistress. It can actually be a great way to let go of a deep mind that sometimes can’t shut down.

Having bought my ribbon I suddenly had this incredible fantasy. I imagined myself sinking deep down into a quicksand of ribbons and suddenly all that was left was my head just above the sea of ribbons. Now I was helpless looking up at my Dominating Mistress Cassie as she showed me her long legs and I gazed up at her perfect triangle. She was even dressed in a hot pink domination outfit. Soon as she realized I could struggle no more she came over to me and knelt down so she could smother me in her wonderful pink panties which I would have licked if she allowed me to or ordered me too. It was a heavenly fantasy; and if I got out of line she could easily smack me in the face and force a pacifier in my mouth. I was helpless and completely at her mercy in the quick sand of pink ribbons.

AKA-Stupid Loser/Sissy Crybaby Weakling

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