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Friday, December 9, 2011

Crybaby - more of the story!

Hi Mistress,

Here is more of the story I wrote.

The Adventures of Crybaby



(Warning-This is an adult story.  Go away if you are under age or don’t like erotic stories)

Chapter 1 Pages 4-6


     As the dizzying display continued he heard his wife shout out, “Be a dear and check out the pacifiers on aisle three for me.”

     “How did you know they were on aisle three?  We were never here before.”  He said.

     “Oh, a friend made mention of it.”  His wife quickly covered up.

     Jon drifted over to the third aisle to take a look, but he really had no idea what his wife had in mind.  He noticed a rather striking lady with beautiful black hair and mesmerizing, big brown eyes.  She was leaning over the pacifiers while taking a look at the many different kinds.  He came over to look at them as well.

     “Interesting aren’t they.”  She said in the sweetest and sexiest sounding voice he had ever heard.

     “No to me.  I have no idea why my wife dragged me into this.”  He said.

     “Well, it is good to follow your wife’s orders every now and then don’t you think?”  Her voice seemed commanding.

     “I suppose.”

     “You know there really are so many kinds and so many different sizes; oh my, just look at them.”  Her voice lilted and somehow penetrated into his mind.  Suddenly she was whispering in a very sexy voice.  “I’ll bet they take you back to when you hadn’t a care in the world and were just a tiny wee baby.  Wouldn’t you just love to take out one of these pacifiers and pop it right into your mouth?”  She suggested.

     He suddenly felt very light headed.  It was almost like he was in slow motion as her voice drifted on.  He felt annoyed and yet something about her made him feel safe, warm and secure.  She opened one of the larger pacifiers and began to stare at it.  In turn he began to stare at it as well.  He didn’t understand what was happening, as she popped it in her own mouth.

     “Hem, this one seems perfect for a big baby.  Why don’t you open your mouth for me and let me put it inside.”  Again, her voice was like some controlling whisper.  It was firm, yet silky smooth and quite penetrating.

     He turned his head from side to side to see if any one was watching.  “Look lady, I don’t know what kind of kinky stuff you are into but I am not into…”  She cut him off.

     “Look at it.  That’s it…look into it deeply.  It was in my mouth.  My spit is all over it, and now all you can think about is putting it deep inside your own mouth.  Look at it, deeper and deeper…listen to the sound of my voice.  You must obey me.  It feels so good to obey me.  Look at it…that’s right…deeper now.  I’ll bet your dick is no larger than this itsy bitsy, teensy weensy pacifier.” She was pulling him in.  It was just a few lines but she knew her induction was working.  His interest was growing.  “Now, be a good little boy and open your mouth for me.”

     His mind was struggling.  He knew he should just walk away.  His wife could come down the aisle any minute, but his mind was drifting; and before he knew any better his mouth opened nice and wide for her.  She popped it inside his mouth.

     “Good boy, now suck!”  She ordered and he began to suck like a baby.  She burst out into laughter.  It was some sort of crazy sounding laugh.  It was like something terrible was going to follow.  He quickly spit it out and she just continued to laugh.  “I hope I was able to help you find your pacifier today.”  She said while he seemed annoyed.  “I’ll bet your wife would be interested in knowing that her husband let a strange woman just stick a baby pacifier right into his mouth.”

     He became panicky.  “I don’t know why I did it.  You can’t possibly tell her.  It was a mistake.  Please don’t tell her.”  He began to beg.

     “I don’t even know your wife,” She pretended, “but I am sure I can find out.  You see I own this establishment and soon I am going to own you as well.”  She handed him a card.  “My name is Cassie.  If you wish to continue this give me a call some time.” Then she just walked away.  He felt flustered and worried.  He wanted to just rip up the card, but instead he slid it into his pocket. He had to find his wife quickly.  He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

     The ride back home was filled with anxiety on Jon’s part.  He felt guilty.  Worse, he felt more insecure than he had ever been in his life.

     “Did you enjoy seeing the fine baby toys, dear?”  She joked.

     “Very funny.  I don’t want to ever go there again.”  He said in a shaky voice.

     “Why, what’s the matter honey.  Didn’t you like looking at all those pacifiers?”  She cajoled.

     “What did you meant by that?”  His voice grew loud and questioning.

     “Oh, nothing; I was just kidding honey.  You will feel better after I make you a nice big steak when we get home.

     He changed the subject.  “You know ever since my baby brother moved in we haven’t made love in a long time.”

     “Baby brother, huh.”  She said filled with cynicism.  “It was your baby brother who used to beat you up when you were young.”

     “Don’t remind me of that.  I told you that in confidence.”  He turned his head away from his wife and looked vaguely out the window of the car.

     “Well, I am glad you told me, dear, just don’t call him that.  I kind of think he might be much more of a man than you will ever be.”  She was goading him on.

     “Why do you say that?  Why do you tease me all the time?”

     “Well, let me see, you wet the bed and you can’t even handle your own baby brother and stop him from pulling pranks on you. For goodness sake, he is five years younger than you and you still let him push you all around.  Why don’t you just stand up to him.  Throw him out on the street.  You know he likes to take liberties with me.”

     “What does that mean?”  Jon pretended not to know.  His wife really didn’t know for sure if he did know at this point in time.

     “Come on now, you know how he loves to put his hand up my dress when I wear one.  I told you to stop him, but you just let it go and laugh.  Perhaps I should let him go even further with his hand.  Would you like that, hem?  Would you?”  She waited in silence for his long reply.

     “No, no…you know that’s not what I want…it’s just…well…it’s just…”

     “Yes, I know.  You are just afraid of getting beat up by him again.”  She said in disgust.  “My god, I am married to a first class wimp.”

     “I just don’t want to get beaten up again.  He can get very angry.”  He slumped in his seat.

     “You know what I think.  I think I could even beat you up.  You are pathetic.  I think I should let your little brother just have his way with me.  Maybe I should leave his door ajar and have you watch while he fucks me over and over again.  Is that what you want, Mr. Weakling?”  Her voice cut deep into his heart.

     “No.  I just…I am afraid of him.”  He began to think of that fateful day many years ago.

To be continued…

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