Hi here is a new part to end chapter one of crybaby story.
The Adventures of Crybaby
Chapter one pages 7-10
(Warning-this is an adult story.  Go away if you are not an adult or don’t like erotic stories.  It is pure fiction.)
     “What do you want?”  Jack asked while cleaning up the back yard.
     “Mom told me.   She told me everything.”  The look on Jon’s face was one of anger.
     “So she told you, so what.”  He said defiantly.
     “Look, Jack, if you ever come close to doing that again to Mom you will answer to me, you got it?”
     “Well, I didn’t mean to hit her she just pissed me off.”
     “Can you imagine what Dad would have done if he knew you punched Mom in the stomach?”
     “Well Dad isn’t here anymore and you’re certainly not man enough to do anything now are you big bro?”  For the first time he was testing his brother’s authority.
     “Don’t be silly.  I am five years older than you.”
     “Oh really, you forget I’m champion in my weight class in wrestling.”  Jack quickly moved in on his brother and leaped up and grabbed his neck and put him in a full headlock.  He started spinning him around on the lawn.  “Try to get out of that, wussy.”  He said.  Jon tried and tried to get out of it but the more he tried the harder it was and soon he found himself spun right to the ground with his brother pulling up on his head and neck and bringing him backwards.  Soon he had his hands under Jon’s chin and he pulled him into a semi camel clutch position.  “Do you give?  Come on…give in, give…say it!  Come on say it…loud and clear.  Say I give!”  Jack demanded.
     “I give, I give.”  Jon screamed out.  His little brother had won.  Soon Jack spun him over onto his back and had him in a perfect school boy pin.  He dug his knees into his biceps and started slapping him back and forth in the face.  Then he pulled him up and put him into a full nelson, and moved him around in the back yard.  “Look everybody, look here.  I’m beating up a high school-er… look here!  Go on, Jon, wave to everybody and tell them you are just a wussy.  Go ahead smile and wave for me.”
     Jon started waving and smiling regardless of how humiliated and ashamed he was for losing to his little brother.  He knew his brother was very athletic and wrestled but he never thought he was this strong and could whip him so easily.  From this moment on he was always afraid of his little brother who would always get his own way.
     Jack dragged him around in the full nelson some more and then whispered in his ear, “Now get this straight, from now on you do whatever the fuck I say.  I own your wimpy little ass, got it Jon?”  He squeezed his brother’s cheeks with one hand and made him nod up and down.  Then he threw him to the ground and started off.
     “Sure, such a big man punching a defenseless woman in the stomach.  You make me sick!”  Jon shouted out in anger and frustration.  His brother just looked back and spat at the ground as he walked away.
     Jon shook his head so he could jolt his memory from the past back to the present.  He decided to go to his room while his wife made dinner and heard his little brother fondling her while she was preparing the steaks.  Needless to say he would not be dining on this night.
     Several days went by and Jon had recently lost his job so he was constantly looking for work but could not find any.  To make matters worse Jack found a nice job in construction and he was getting ribbed by his wife constantly about being out of work.
     “I just don’t understand it.  Your brother found a good job so why can’t you?”  She asked.
     “I told you I am not into construction like him.  I have a business degree.  I work in an office damn it.”
     “Well, right now you are not working at all.  Maybe I should just put you in some of my aprons and make you work around the house like the little sissy your brother thinks you are.”  She smiled.
     “Fuck you, Susan.”  He said.
     “I don’t think you could fuck me even if I gave you a try these days.  How can you fuck with such a tiny dick like that?”
     “Why would that matter, we both know you’re getting it from my brother anyway.”
     “Do you have proof?”  She sneered at him.
     “Do you think I am that stupid?  I have heard everything that goes on in this house.”
     “Sometimes I think you are just that stupid.  A real man would have done something about it but you are not a real man.  It is just as your brother says…you are a wussy.  I personally think you are more of a sissy.  Would you like to get down on your hands and knees sissy and crawl to me and lick the bottom of my shoes.”   She started laughing, “Awwwwe, come here sissy…here sissy…here sissy.”  She began to laugh hysterically while tapping the tips of her shoes to the floor.
     “Just go away, will you.”  He said while feeling somewhat weak throughout his body.
     “No problem.  I am going out to meet your brother somewhere so I won’t be home early tonight.  Don’t wait up, dear.”  She said as she strode away.
     “The day went on like any other day except the phone suddenly rang, “Hello.”  He said.
     “Hello, Jon.”  Her sensuous voice seemed familiar to him.
     “Hello, who is this?”  He asked.
     “Don’t you remember me, Jon?  I am disappointed.  After all you do have my card.”
     “Cassie, Cassie Jones?”
     “That’s right, good boy, you do remember me.  So you kept my card after all?”
     “I did no such thing.  How did you get my phone number?”  Jon still had no idea that his wife and brother set the entire thing up with Cassie.
     “I don’t think that is very important.  Do you like being out of work, Jon?”
     “Now, how do you know I am out of work?  Who is telling you things about me?
     “No need to get all upset my little crybaby!”  She whispered into the phone.
     “What did you call me?”
     “Why, I called you a crybaby.  That is what you are, isn’t it?”  She laughed lightly.
     “I really don’t know what your game is lady, but I think you should leave me alone.”
     “After sucking on a ba-ba in my store and doing it like you enjoyed every minute of it, and without protest.  I think that makes you my crybaby.  What’s more…I think you are going to cry for me right now on the phone; aren’t you, my little man?”  Her voice was sexy but authoritative.  Something about it made him want to submit but he tried to stay strong.
     “You’ve got to be one crazy bitch…” he started to say but she cut him off.
     “Listen to the sound of my voice…that’s it…deeper and deeper.  Breathe me in deeply.”  His breathing began to get heavy on the phone. She could tell he was listening intently to her sensuous voice.  “That’s it…deeper and deeper.  You know you want me.  You know you need me.  I am everything you ever wanted.  I am the only thing you will ever need.  Listen to the sound of my hypnotic, addictive voice.  I am going to take you deeper and deeper.  Listen and obey.  Your life has become useless.  You have become useless.  You need me so badly, Jon.  You must obey me.  Thinking about how weak you have become is making you so sad, so very, very sad.  You have an uncontrollable need to cry for me, Jon.  Now cry for me. Cry…go ahead and let all that frustration out and cry for me, Jon.”
     “He didn’t understand what was happening.  He felt weak and receptive.  He was not actually thinking on his own.  He had fallen deeply into the sound of her voice.  He was about to be caught in her web.  His mind seemed numb and his body seemed weak.  There was such a sensuous quality to the sound of her voice.  He felt himself wanting more and more of it.  Suddenly and at the goading of her voice commands he let loose and started crying endlessly.  It was part of what was going on in his life and part of her soothing and commanding tones.  He wanted to cry for Cassie.  He suddenly wanted to let go of everything.”
    “Good boy, good boy.  That’s it.  You just ball and ball your eyes out.  What a pathetic little crybaby you are.  Keep crying and crying and crying.  What a little baby you are.  What a little sissy!”  Her voice kept penetrating deep into his mind, “that’s right…listen to the sound of my voice.  You go deeper and deeper as I control your mind.  I take everything from you.  You belong to me now, crybaby.  I have you now.”
     “What is going on?  What are you doing to me?”  His voice seemed pathetic and weak.
     “I am taking control of you, crybaby.  It’s what you want.  It’s what you need, and you have to obey me.  Yes you need to obey me.  You just listen to the sound of my voice and let me control your world.  You must call me Mistress from now on.”
     “Yes Mistress, of course, I am very smart.”
     “I’m not so sure, crybaby.  You always stutter and stammer.  Don’t you remember you even stutter and stammer when you talk to me. You stutter and stammer when you talk to any woman.  You can’t help it you are just so stupid, so very very stupid.  You stutter and stammer.  You are stupid.”  Her voice seemed to echo on and on.
     “Yes I am so s….sss.stupid.   I sssss…stutter and sssss…stammer.  I am so stupid.”   He was already beginning to do exactly what she wanted him to do.  Her voice put him in a deep trance and made him feel stupid.  He was suddenly a stammering idiot.
     “Are you sssss…stupid?”  She reinforced the command.”
     “Um…um…um…yes I am ssss…stupid.”
     “What is um…um?   Are you stupid, crybaby?”  She continued.
     “Um, um…yes I’m stupid.”
     “Yes you are.  You are very stupid.  Remember when you fill out the job application tomorrow.  You are to put down your name as Stupid Loser.  Remember that is your new name, crybaby.  Now what will you do tomorrow?”
     “I will put down Stupid Loser on my application.  That is my new name.”
     “Correct, that is your new name, now don’t forget it.  Right it down in your wallet so you will always have it.  Remember your new name is Stupid Loser.  Don’t forget, also, that you stutter and stammer when you talk to women.  That’s right, deeper and deeper.  I control you now, everything for Mistress Cassie.  I have you…everything for me now.”
     “Yes, Mistress Cassie, everything for you now.”
     “Good boy.”  She gave him the address.  “Now, listen and obey.  Listen to the sound of my voice as you go deeper and deeper…all for me now…all for me.  Sleep now, crybaby, sleep.  That’s it a deep sleep now.   You have lots of things to do tomorrow but for now you must listen to the sound of my voice and sleep.  You will dream of me and my lovely voice.  You have sweet dreams of your Mistress Cassie and drift deeper and deeper into the sound of my voice.  That’s it deeper and deeper for Mistress Cassie.  Hang up the phone now, crybaby, and sleep…sleep now crybaby…hang up the phone and sleep.”  Jon did as he was told and it was the best sleep of his life.
…to be continued…end of chapter one