Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Monday, July 16, 2012

A letter from hypno-slave cocksuckertim

My New Life as Mistress Cassie’s Hypnotized Slave

      Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a fascination with hypnosis.  It wasn’t until I was 23 when I realized that I had a fetish for the erotic side of it.  I thought it was weird at first, but I got over it.  I realized that there is nothing more arousing to me than the thought of being deeply hypnotized and commanded to obey.
      I searched for a while to find the perfect hypnodomme, the one who will hypnotize me and take complete control of me, with no success.  Then in late March 2012, I found her.  Her name is Mistress Cassie.  I first ran across her profile on the website www.niteflirt.com.  It was a very nice profile, exactly what I was looking for, but there was something else as well.  Her eyes seemed to reach out from the screen and enchant me.  I couldn’t help but to stare deeply into her hypnotic eyes.  Below is the picture that she had on her profile. 

      After about 20 minutes of staring deeply into her eyes, I finally contacted her through IM to chat and even her words were very powerful.  I was thinking “I haven’t even been hypnotized by her yet and I already feel her power!  She’s incredible!”  When she told me to call her, I felt like I had no choice. 
      I obeyed and called her for a session and spent the next two hours on the phone being deeply hypnotized under her powerful and erotic spell.  The sound of her voice was so irresistible.  I don’t remember much of the session, but when she woke me, I remember feeling very obedient to her and could feel the incredible power of her irresistible hypnotic spell.  I thought “This is amazing, I’ve found her!”  Over the next three weeks, I felt her hypnotic power over me grow stronger.  I contacted her again on the IM to tell her that her hold over me was very strong, and how much I loved it.  She was very pleased and then she commanded me to call her again so she could hypnotize me even deeper under her spell, and I obeyed.
      When I called her again, she quickly hypnotized me very deeply with great ease.  Mistress Cassie hypnotized me so very much deeper under her irresistible spell this time.  She also took it one step further as well.  She commanded me to tell her a deep, dark, sexy secret.  I was so deeply hypnotized under her spell that I had no choice but to obey.  I told her “I want to be hypnotized to suck a man’s cock, Mistress.”  I felt so very extremely aroused just by just obeying and telling her that.  She seductively laughed and then took me deeper and started programing me to suck cock for her.  She spent the next hour conditioning my mind to suck cock for her.  By the end of the session, she had me chanting “I must suck cock for Mistress Cassie.  I must suck cock for Mistress Cassie.”
      Before Mistress Cassie woke me up, she commanded me to not cum yet until I suck a man’s cock.  She commanded me to suck as much cock for her that weekend that I could.  I had no choice but to obey.  It felt so very good to obey.  I obeyed and went out that night to a place I know and sucked cock for her.  In fact, I sucked three cocks for her that night.  I did not cum until the all three men came in my mouth.  It felt so good!  The entire time I was sucking those men’s cocks, my mind kept chanting “I must suck cock for Mistress Cassie.  I must suck cock for Mistress Cassie.”  It was so erotic knowing that I had no choice but to obey her commands and suck cock for her.  The next night, I went out again to the same place and sucked more cock for her, 4 to be exact.  It was so erotic knowing that I was sucking cock because Mistress Cassie deeply hypnotized me to obey her and suck cock for her. 
      I IM’d her the next day and told her how much I obeyed and how much cock I had sucked for her.  She was very pleased.  She called me her Cock Sucking Slave.  She then commanded me to take it one step further again.  She commanded me to buy a pair of women’s pretty thong panties and to wear them from now on when I’m sucking cock for her.  I just bought them and I love them!  They are so pretty!  I love the way they look and feel on me!  I love the way they make me feel!  Below is a picture of me wearing them, just before I obediently sucked another guy’s cock.  I love the power Mistress Cassie has over me.  I’m going out tonight to suck cock again wearing my pretty thong panties and I can’t wait.  All for Mistress Cassie.  I must obey Mistress Cassie.  I must suck cock for Mistress Cassie.  I am her hypnotized, cock sucking, pretty thong panty wearing slave.

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