Enchanted Hypnosis

The sound of My voice pulls you deeper and deeper.

Everything you ever wanted is within your reach, and it feels so good. There is only Me, always Mistress Cassie, and all you do is listen to the sound of My voice.

I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

All for Mistress Cassie

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hypnotic Spiral

Here you go, My lovelies,   enjoy this spiral..........

Black and White Hypnotic Spiral

Of course,  you will be soon calling Me for a deep hypnotic session....     just like  Serena does.

Rebuilding Serena: a true story by Serena, a longtime hypno-agent

Serena had been wandering for the last few months.

The events of those weeks were foggy in her mind.  A mistress here, a master there, a hypnosis brainwashing from various sources.  Suggestions penetrated her mind, voice after voice rang out but only confused her.  A part of her, a personality was gone.  Nadja.

She couldn't remember how or why Nadja was taken away from her, but it had been done.

She had been wandering for months and didn't even remember how she ended up here -- in the Brainwashing Room.

She sat there in the stillness.  Candles burning.  Two bottles of wine in front of her, one already half-empty.

On the screen four feet away, the black and white spiral spun around and around.  She stared at it, getting lost in its simple pattern -- drawing her in.  And like a conditioned reflex, she began to feel her mind calm.  She took another sip of the wine.  Slightly bitter.  Was it drugged?

She didn't care at this point because as she set the glass down, words silkily crept from her mouth escaping past her lips 'Mistress Cassie controls me…Mistress Cassie controls me…' over and over and over again…

She chanted for what seemed an eternity.  And when she felt drowsy and numb, she slipped the headset over her ears and dialed.

Mistress Cassie sounded surprised when she heard Serena's voice.  She had given up on her hypno-agent.  Figured she'd gone rogue.  And as she probed Serena for answers, the blank gaps in her mind were nota frustration to the hypnotic Mistress, but a challenge.  Time to get answers.

She did something she had not needed to do for years -- she performed a lengthy hypnotic induction.  More than the simple trigger phrases she had used for the last couple of years.  She relaxed Serena's body, limb by limb, muscle by muscle.  It was the first day of school and Serena was being indoctrinated in to Mistress' school system.

This went on for a longer period than usual, but Serena was not a typical case.  This was someone Cassie had worked on, molded, brainwashed for years, getting the perfect responses from her when needed.  She had Serena to such a level that she would obey without question.

Cassie was pleased to find that some of those conditioned responses were still lingering in Serena's confused mind.  Like all of their sessions, there were accouterments that Serena needed to have for her brainwashing.  Alcohol, sometimes drugs.  And despite having recently been hypnotized to quit smoking, Serena had purchased cigarettes.

And after the one hour of hypnosis deepening, Cassie began to reintroduce chemicals to Serena.  Sleep agents and nicotine.  Playing with Serena's nervous system.  A gulp of wine, a drag on the cigarette, swallowing the green caplet, maybe a vodka chaser.

Cassie could get Serena to believe that the vodka was actually truth serum or Scopolamine, the drug where the subject remained in a suggestible state until otherwise directed.   Serena would sit there in the chair, her Brainwashing Chair, staring at that spiral, smoking and drinking and getting to appoint where she would willingly take herself deeper for her Mistress.

And when the time was right, after almost an hour and a half, Cassie dug her hypnotic claws in and ripped apart.

It all came out.  How Serena had fallen under the sway of an evil hypnotist/brainwasher.  How he controlled Serena for months with visual lessons online and dubious email instructions.  After escaping him, Serena fell in to the arms of another Mistress who would use the cigarettes to keep Serena addicted to her.  This went on for months.

And under the influence of the 'truth serum' Serena began to feel drowsy and dizzy and out of control.  And when that would happen, Cassie would have Serena close her eyes, listen to her voice and direct her back to a calm, stable trance-state.  Or as Cassie was going to call it from now on, Serena's Dream State.

Once Cassie was satisfied with the missing events of the last few months, Cassie used a tactic she had only used once or twice with Serena.  You see, Serena would be so pliable that she wouldn't need this route, but Cassie felt it was not only necessary, but that Serena deserved it.

She began to change her soothing tone to one of a more commanding, dominant tone.  She began to abuse Serena's mind -- playing tricks on it, verbally assaulting Serena's personality, making Serena feel ashamed for leaving her.  She found a way to condition Serena that whenever Cassie would insult her with a certain word or phrase, Serena would have to smoke or drink.

The conditioning process went on for such a long time that by the end of it, Cassie was exhausted and Serena was crying.  Feeling as though she were nothing and unworthy of being Cassie's hypno-agent.

Cassie remained quiet.  Hearing Serena sob.  After about five minutes of quiet, she told Serena to relax and calm herself.  It took a little while, Serena was that far gone in to depression, but she did eventually calm herself.

Once Serena was in her deep trance state, her body limp and heavy, Cassie began to rebuild her.  She reinforced some of the earlier brainwashing from their first meetings.  She began to create a new Serena.

A new persona.

Cassie even gave her a new name (which cannot be revealed here and despite this change, she will still be referred to as Serena in this report).  She implanted details about her past, about who she had been and things she liked and things she wanted to do.  New behaviors.  A new persona.

And by the end of the next hour, Serena was no longer.  She was a new and deadly agent.  And to see if her brainwashing had worked, Cassie thought of a little test.

She woke Serena up from trance and Serena immediately thought she was on the phone with one of her girl friends, chatting away.   Cassie got Serena to talk about her past and who she had been (all, of course, inventions of Cassie's recent brainwashing).  Serena sat on the phone, smoking and drinking, chatting away.

At one point, she even said that there was a weird spiral on her TV.  Cassie suggested Serena look at it while they talked, and Serena did.  When she was done with her cigarette and drink, she told Cassie, who uttered a trigger phrase.

And everything went still.
Serena sat with her hands in her lap and stared at the spiral.

Cassie instructed her that in a moment they would hang up.  Serena would stare at the spiral, chanting and smoking one more cigarette.  When she was done, she would shower and sleep for one hour.  She would then go about her day.

Later that night, when it was safe, Serena would slip in to her Dream State.  She would put on her sexy panties and pantyhose and do her make-up.   She had to look stunning and sexy.  Once that was done, she would put on a gorgeous party dress and long black satin gloves.

Serena was to adjourn to the Brainwashing Room where she would ingest one Brainwashing Caplet and drink one glass of wine.  She would stare at the spiral for 15 minutes and chant and when that time was up, she would call Mistress Cassie.

That evening, Serena did as she had been programmed to do.

She dialed the phone and Cassie responded.  She spent a few minutes re-inducting Serena and she had her light a cigarette.  Cassie began to instruct Serena that when the call ended, Serena would step out of the Brainwashing Room and would be instantly transported to a fabulous, rich party.

Serena would drink champagne and flirt with guests.  She would excuse herself two times to go outside and have a smoke.  When she did, she would study the house where the party was being held at.  Eventually, she would rejoin the party, chatting up more guests and then excuse herself a third time to smoke.

When she did, she would sneak inside the house and go to the master bedroom.  She would find an antique pearl necklace in a drawer in the dresser.  She was to place those pearls in her purse.  But before she returned, she was to take a picture of herself in the mirror, dressed up sexily for this job.

She would then return to the party, have one more glass of champagne and then leave.

Back to the Brainwashing Room where she would call Mistress Cassie to report.

She called Cassie and the debriefing began.  Cassie would use the items around Serena to keep her drugged and drowsy and in her grasp.  And after the lengthy session, she told Serena to use her camera and take three pictures of herself:  One smoking in her pretty dress, another one but without the dress, and then the third one of her smoking, her hands down her panties.

Serena did as she was instructed.  Without question.

Cassie then told Serena that the session was over but that she had to email those pictures to her Mistress.  For safe keeping.

Serena understood.

Cassie said that once they hung up, Serena would email those pictures to Cassie, site back down and watch the spiral for 30 minutes.  Chanting and smoking and drinking.  Once that was done, she would return to her room.  She would shower, and go to bed.

And when she woke in the morning, she would not remember anything that happened.

Only that she had to call Cassie again the next day.  She was, after all, her friend and she loved to chat to her friend.

Cassie hung up and Serena chanted and stared and smoked.

And the next day, when it was safe, something inside Serena clicked and she went to this little room in her office outside.  She was wearing her panties and panty hose and gloves and she lit a cigarette.  She cued up that weird little spiral on her computer and called her friend Cassie.

She just wanted to talk to her.  To hear what she had to say.

To tell Serena what to do...