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I take you deeper and deeper, it feels so good.

Listen to the sound of My voice.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is It the Orgasm, or Is It Something Else

Is It the Orgasm, or Is It Something Else
Hypothetical dialogue:
“Well, Archimedes, that was splendid.  I think that was much better than your equations, yes?  How did you enjoy that?”
“It was okay, but not better than my equations.”
“I see, well, next time we will have to try for the sublime.”
“Indeed, Aphrodite, I hope I can keep up.”
“Oh, you will keep up.  I will see to that.”  She laughed like a child with the sexiest grin he had ever seen.
So, the question having been posed about the orgasm; what do you think?  Is there really an answer to it or is it like the chicken and the egg.  Let’s take that sex and try to figure it out.  Are you dominant or submissive?  Perhaps you are both equal partners.  Then, again, maybe you simply just get off by doing it alone. Whatever it may be; is it the orgasm, or simply all the titillating extravaganzas leading up to it.
Let’s take a simple form.  You look at your partner.  Maybe she (male point of view here) is wearing a hot red or sensational black leather garter belt; or ever lace, you choose.  Does the look, that view, set you off; or is it the feel of the leather against your skin.  Maybe it is an audible sensation that gets you off.  Is it the thought of it leading up to the orgasm or the eventual feeling of the orgasm that makes it all worth while.  Now, think of the moment of the orgasm.  What was in your mind?  Think or does your mind suddenly go blank as the orgasm seems to obliterate the preceding foreplay.
So, what is it for you.  I believe the question is hard to answer, and there will, no doubt be differing points of view.  So, just what are you capitulating to.  Is it the orgasm, or is it something else?  Does the orgasm supersede the foreplay and thought of the orgasm itself or does the foreplay and thought of the orgasm supersede the orgasm itself? Perhaps we will never truly know the answer to that question.  I will leave you with an old koan, thought:
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see or hear it, has the tree really fallen down?

Poems to post!

Two Rivers; Many Lives
                                    With two rivers and many lives
                                    There are painful memories embedded like knives.
                                    With rainstorms to remember and floods to forget
                                    These rivers of rage
                                    Mean lives to be saved.
                                    The dance exists, Alberta ,
                                    And the dance of life goes on.
                                    Ye may not even notice it
                                    Especially when things are gone;
                                    Yet, the spirit of a people can always remain.
                                    The tide that washes away can also bring gain:
                                    And this to be insight like
                                    One giant spear of light
                                    Is all the hope Ye need.
                                    One dance out of darkness
                                    Can build a great new seed.
                                    There is utter sadness and despair,
                                    With lives lost, and lives saved;
                                    But the true worth of life is all that is made.
                                    The movement from A to B
                                    And the rebuilding of D to Z.
                                    Strength to Ye all, Dear Calgary!
                                                                                                --A Sandy Survivor