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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Being Happy
(Sometimes hypnosis can help)

by Crybaby

I have often wondered where happiness comes from.
It is not something you can readily put a finger on.
Some have it and some do not.
Essentially it comes from the heart, the soul, or your very being
and fiber; which can be deep seeded inside your mind.
Now, I do know that endorphins can contribute to it,
but now we are getting very chemical indeed.
What gets you happy?
Sometimes I don't even know how to be happy.
Changing some of your thoughts can possibly change your life.
Have you ever noticed that being around someone who is happy
can simply lift your own spirits and rub off on you.
Now that is something that should not be sneezed at.
Think about it: what in life make you feel great, peaceful, calm, and happy, etc.
Sometimes it is not that easy to figure out, is it?
Okay, so you are wondering what will make me (you) happy today.
Is it a simple warm breeze or a cool one?
Is it the way you feel when you wake up
or maybe the way you have started your day?
Is it the sound of a great song or the words in a great book?
Perhaps it is the significance of a beautiful sunrise or sunset;
then again it may just be a kind word someone said to you,
or a nice smile that someone gave you in acknowledgment of something you did or even said. Whatever that may be, it set something off in your mind
and made you feel wonderful.

You know a friend recently turned me on to a 24 hour happy song
by Pharrell Williams. You can find it online.
I am sure that most of you are aware of it.
You may want to call this some type of hypnosis, which by the way,
can happen every 5 seconds or so in life, that is hypnosis.
It may seem like a simple thing, but a song like that can get you in your groove and move you on your way, and if it does, and somehow slips into your subconscious, who cares, the bottom line is that it made you feel better and perhaps happy;
now that is hypnosis at its finest, and enjoy the feel,
especially if it makes you happy!

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